Friday, September 10, 2010

My Katelynn

My Katelynn
 Angel vs Devil

Where to begin with this one..
I should have known she was trouble from the beginning.
While in labour with this one she decided to get the cord wrapped around her neck. That was the scariest thing i have been through. Basically the nurses and doctors had to stop my labour until she turned to release the tension so she could breath and then proceed with delivery.

Wow the stories that will be on here i can write a book alone about her.
I am going to start with a short one today.
Katelynn has a double personality. Angel vs Devil.

For those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting this one in person knows you can see the horns on her head even if she is wearing her halo for that day.
Katelynn has this look with her Chrystal blue eyes that can just bite a piece out of anyone with one false move.
She has been a joy but also my biggest nightmare. Stories to follow......
She was a great baby, she learned to walk very early around 10 months. For me that is early especially with Mckenna being so late. Katelynn also learned to talk really fast and has not shut up since then. It is constant.

My mom has been a big help in our lives and has watched all my children. But with Katelynn she was just too much for anyone. So it was off to daycare for her. Somewhere for her energy to go.

At daycare she has grown so much. She also has her BFF there. Chase Pomeroy. They are a married couple. From the moment either one gets there they are attached at the hip. They Play well together but also fight well together. The two are the cutest 2 people to see together. Recently we went to visit the Pomeroy's in Kingston and there while taking the Fairy across from Wolf Island we encountered a Wedding Carriage. I took this picture as if this will be the scene 20 years from now. Lets see what will come.
Now as next week approaches and JK starts the 2 will be riding the bus and be in the same class. They are inseparable!

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